Penning Letters to the Dead....

Are they listening...?

Penning Letters to the Dead...
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Penning Letters to the Dead...

This community, as you will understand, is a letter-writing community. Upon joining, You will be writing letters. Letters that would go unsent, unread and faded from all memory but your own had not you found your way to this profile. Perhaps some divine providence has led you here. Perhaps not. Whatever the reason, welcome! Sharpen your quills and open your ink bottles. Spread out your parchment and prepare to begin.

However, before we dive right in, perhaps I should make quite certain that you know, exactly, what you are getting yourself in for. This is not an ordinary letter-writing community where you scribble half-thought-out missives to your boss's aunt's son complaining about how he makes your job a living hell by coming in especially to stand by and lord it over you, or to Muffin, your pesky-yet-lovable siamese who keeps ralphing up lovely little hairballs all over your Great Grandmother's priceless full set of Britannica Encyclopedias.

No. In this community, you will be penning letters to the dead. Mayhap you are the observant type and realised this from very title adoring the top of this very profile. If so, wonderful! You have get on with your task of writing your first letter and have no more need of instruction. For those of you who are still scratching your heads regarding what, exactly, this community is all about, have a seat, and I will try to be as breif and precise as possible.

The long and the short of it, my friends, is that you will be writing letters, hopefully heartfelt and emotional, (that emotion ranging from sarcastic wit to feirce anger, to gentle or passionate adoration), to the dead. You may write to anyone, of course. I leave the choice of which dead person to write to up to your individual discretion. You may focus on your ancestors, people whom you knew in life, but are now passed on, or you may pen your notes to people on the other side who were prominant in life and hold some degree of celebrity, such as historical figures. As I said, it remains your choice.


1. Rudeness will not be tolerated. If you are caught being rude to anyone, I will give you three warnings. After which, if you have still not mended your ways, I will have no qualms about banning you.

2. Please attempt to keep posts on topic. This is a letter-writing community, more importantly, it's a community for writing letters to those who are no longer living. This is not the place to post cute pictures of your cat, or tell that funny work-place story you've been holding onto all day.

3. If you're letter is particularily long, please, please, please do not forget to make use of the LJ-Cut option! If you have an image to go along with your letter, (yes, images that stay on topic, such something to accompany a letter you've written as a visual aid of sorts, are perfectly all right), please put the image behind a cut if it of a size or subject matter that will cause alarm in most people.

4. If your letter is of a sexual nature with graphic discriptions and/or images, please, make use of the LJ-Cut option and give a brief warning of what is behind the cut, such as "Not Work Safe" or "Erotic Letter/Image Within! Look at your own Risk!" Something of that nature.

5. Hopefully, you are all adults, but since I really have no way of knowing this, I will just have to trust in your judgement as to whether or not you should be a member of this community. If you are a child reading this and considering joining, let me just tell you right now that there will things of an adult nature in here and you know God watches everything you do and tells Santa Clause! Now, you wouldn't want God to tell Santa that you've been peering into places where you don't belong and risk Santa deciding to put you on the Naughty list and not bring you any gifts on Christmas Morning, would you? Would you?.

Eh, it was worth a shot, but if the children today are anything like I know I was when I was younger, a threat like that will only serve to entice the little buggers further. Well, I hold no responibility over you, I'm not your mother or your father. Do as you please, only don't say I didn't warn you before-hand!

Welcome, everyone, to timelessletters

Your humble mod, spidersilken_ai aka Ami.